Zehendner Weizenbock

Zehendner Weizenbock is a rich contemplative brew with strong banana and alcohol in both the nost and palate. The lingering finish is fruity and hints at the 7% alcohol content.

Maisel’s Bajuwarus Weizenbock bottle

Maisel's Bajuwarus Weizenbock is a fruity rounded example of the style with a gorgeous dark honeycomb hue and rocky yeasty head. The lingering finish is surprisingly dry for 7.5% but it lacks some of the complexity of the very best.

Meinel-Bräu Weizenbock

Meinel-Bräu Weizenbock is a lovely example of the style with a richly malty fruity palate and a lingering semi-dry finish. The mix of fruit, yeast and banana is classic.

Hummel Weizenbock

Hummel Cowboy Weizenbock is a marvelous example of the style with a rich malty palate tinged with both fruit and yeast. The lingering finish is moreish.

Held-Bräu Weizenbock bottle

Held-Bräu Weizenbock is one gorgeous beer and possibly the best dark Weizenbock I’ve ever had in Franconia. It’s roasty for the style and I’d generally not like that but in this one it really works as it interplays with the hops in a subdued way. The lingering finish is sublimely dry for the style and shows a little less alcohol in this style can be a good thing at 6.9%.

Mahrs Dunkler Weisser Bock bottle

Mahrsbräu Dunkler Weisser Bock is dark classic with baked bananas in both the nose and palate before the lingering moreish finish.

Reblitz Weizenbock

Reblitz Weizenbock is a gorgeous example of the style with mild clove and caramelized banana in both the nose and palate. The lingering finish is semi-dry.

Spalter Weizenbock

Spalter Weizenbock is a balanced offering from the hops growing region based brewery. It's fruity and fairly dry for 7.2%

Becher-Bräu Weizen Bock

Becher-Bräu Weizen Bock is a hearty 8.5% with noticeable alcohol mixed in with dried fruit in both the nose and palate. The lingering finish is semi-dry.