Klosterbräu Maibock

Klosterbräu Maibock is a richly malty amber Bock with some apricot in the nose and a moreishly dry lingering semi-bitter finish.

Maisel’s Original Weisse

Maisel's Original Weisse is a good example of the style with a fruity palate and lingering, slightly sticky finish.

Maisel & Friends Hoppy Hell

Maisel & Friends Hoppy Hell is their Craft Beer take on a Helles with a balanced citrusy palate and lingering semi-dry finish.

Maisel & Friends West Coast IPA

Maisel & Friends West Coast IPA is a balanced ale with a mix of tropical fruit and pine before with a lingering dry finish.

Keesmann Josephi Bock

Keesmann Josephi Bock is brewery's amped up version of their autumn Bock with a darker hue and a richer maltier palate. There must be a ton of hops as it's not particularly sweet at 8.2%.

Greifenklau Roter Bock

Greifenklau Roter Bock is a richly malty brew with a nice spicy element to both the nose and palate. The lingering finish just dry enough to invite another.

Bayreuther Bock

Bayreuther Bock is a balanced unfiltered Bock with a nice dried fruit element and a semi-dry finish, bittersweet finish.

Eichhorn (Hertl) Winterbier

Eichhorn Winterbier is a Craft Beer take on a Festbier but not a particularly good one.

Mahrs E.T.A. Dunkles Lagerbier bottle

Mahrsbräu E.T.A. Dunkles Lagerbier is a lovely chocolatey dry Dunkles with a moreish lingering finish.

Mahrs Dunkler Weisser Bock bottle

Mahrsbräu Dunkler Weisser Bock is dark classic with baked bananas in both the nose and palate before the lingering moreish finish.