There’s spring and smoke in the air in Bamberg: A Guide to Bamberg’s Best Biergartens

The guide to Bamberg's best beer. With only a couple days in Bamberg, you have to choose your beers well. This is the guide to the best beer in Bamberg, the beers you have to try.

Ahörnla Bräu aBils

Ahörnla Bräu aBils is their Pils entry and a dry hoppy one it is. It's not very balanced but has a dry, bitter finish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Fastenbock

Sternla Fastenbock is an unfiltered mahogany beauty with a richly malty palate which features a touch of roast and underlying hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry, semi-bitter.

Hebendanz Export Hefe Weißbier

Hebendanz Export Hefe Weißbier is a fruity wheat beer with a refreshing appearance. The sample I got was oddly bitter, seemingly from the yeast.

Hebendanz Bock

Hebendanz Bock is a richly malty deep golden Bock which is oddly only 6.1%.

Hebendanz Jubiläums Festbier

Hebendanz Jubiläums Festbier is a commemorative amber beer first brewed in 2005 to celebrate Forchheim's 1200th anniversary.

Hebendanz Export

Hebendanz Export is a balanced brew with some grain up front and enough hops for a clean finish.

Aktien Zwickl Kellerbier

Aktien Zwickl Kellerbier is a balanced session beer with a semi-dry, hoppy palate and lingering finish.

Maisel Gebrüder Edelhopfen

Maisel Edelhopfen is a surprisingly tasty 'diet' Pils with a light hoppy palate and clean, dry, bitter finish.

Bayreuther Hell

Bayreuther Hell is a balanced Helles with a nice grain element and a semi-dry finish.