Hefeweizen. The literal translation works here as this is indeed a beer where there is even sensory evidence of the yeast involved and it’s made with wheat. Generally shortened to Weizen in Franconia and Weißbier in southern Bavaria, it’s a fruity, refreshing top-fermented beer of about 5-5.5%.  In modern times, Franconia was never a hotbed for this style but in recent years, it has gained popularity and there are some fine examples. Since it is bottle-conditioned, it is considered best in that form, something rare in Germany.  For this reason as well as Munich’s Schneider being my favorite and local for me, I don’t tend to drink it on tap while in Franconia. I have started to bring bottles home. If something sounds particularly interesting or I’ve heard it is a must-drink one, I’ll give in while there.

Franconia has no shortage of good Hefeweizens

Gutmann Hefeweizen is one of the most popular. Huppendorfer Weizenbier is another winner from Grasser and I’ve recently had Held-Bräu Weizen too.

Next up Hellerbock or back to Beer Styles.


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