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What’s the best Beer Hike in Baden-Württemberg? Ehingen but what’s the best beer on the trail?

Ehingen is an unassuming town in Baden Wüttemberg, not too far south of Ulm. It is also known as the Beer Culture City and along with five breweries, they have a 14km hiking trail which connects them. Beer Hiking in Baden Württemberg? Why not. It's one of the oldest beer hiking trails in Germany and the best in Baden Württemberg. But what is the best beer on the hike? Read to find out.

Murmann Lager

Murmann Lager is an unfiltered golden brew with a lightly grainy nose and palate and a moreishly semi-dry finish.

Scheidmantel Pils

Scheidmantel Pils is from the defunct as of 2002 Coburg brewery of the same name. It's now brewed by Kulmbacher. It's certainly a decent example of the style and worth trying if you see it.

Stöhrs Helles

Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Hell is a typical malty Helles with a clean finish. It's well-made but not their best beer by a long shot.

Murmann Kellerbier

Murmann Kellerbier is an ale-like fruity example of the style with moreishly semi-dry finish.

Franken Bräu Florinator Doppelbock

Franken Florinator is a richly malty Doppelbock with hint of burnt caramel and a lingering somewhat sticky finish.

Raab Landbier

Raab Landbier is an effervescent example of the style with balanced grainy palate and a clean semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Raab Helles

Raab Helles is an effervescent example of the style with balanced grainy palate and a clean semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

The Schlenkerla vs Spezial Face-off: Period 2 Schlenkerla Urbock vs Spezial Bock

Schlenkerla is the most renowned of Rauchbier/Smoke beer breweries. Town rival Spezial is the 2nd most famous but many feel it's better. This is a comparison of Schlenkerla Urbock and Spezial Bock, two of the town's best Bocks and probably the greatest smoke Bocks in the world.

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A Prime Passage to Prösslbräu

The Naabtal is a gorgeous lush valley with tons of hiking and biking opportunities. It is also dotted with quite a few great breweries so it's a prime beer hiking region. I met up with Prime Passages founder Kevin Holsapple for a hike from Pielenhofen to Adlersberg. Of course, Prösslbräu was our beery destination. Their Palmator was a just reward.