Wiethaler Hefe Weißbier

Wiethaler Hefe Weißbier is a true to form Weizen with lots of banana in both the nose and palate combined with a smack of bubble gum for good measure. Not as refreshing as many but certainly full of flavor.

Wiethaler Lager Hell

Wiethaler Lager Hell is nicely balanced grainy Helles with enough Spalter/Herbruck hops to make it interesting.

Wiethaler Landbier Dunkel

Wiethaler Landbier Dunkel is a richly malty brew with Hersbruck/Spalt hop notes and a lingering but not cloying finish.

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Mountains & Weisswurst & Beers, oh my!

Beer Hiking Bavaria is a great guide detailing 50 hikes in Bavaria which pass by or end at some of Bavaria's best breweries. Murnau is one of Bavaria's hidden gems sitting on the beautiful Staffelsee. The Dragon Slayer's Way is great short hike taking in the scenery and breweries.

Bernd Das Bier

Bernd Das Bier is the first commercial offering from home-brewing Bootshaus im Hain owner Bernd, hence its name.

Wettelsheimer Hell

Wettelsheimer Hell is a lovely balanced Helles with malty/grainy palate and a lingering, semi-dry finish.

Sonnen-Bräu Lager

Sonnen-Bräu Lager is surprisingly hoppy unfiltered Helles with lingering semi-dry finish.

Ahörnla Bräu Sand Hell

Ahörnla Bräu Sand Hell is somewhat bland but easy enough to drink Helles with a nice grain element.

Ahörnla Bräu Lagerbier

Ahörnla Bräu Lagerbier is a serviceable Rotbier with a malty palate and a touch of roast. The lingering finish is semi-dry.

Spalter Zwickel

Spalter Zwickel is balanced unfiltered beer with some yeasty element mixed in with grain the the brewery's signature Spalter hop presence. The lingering finish is semi-dry with a hint of bitterness.