The Pocket Guide to the Best Erlangen & its Countryside Breweries

Franconia is blessed with 100s of great breweries, many of them in small villages outside the big towns. The pocket guide to the best Erlangen and its Countryside Breweries will help you pick out which breweries outside Erlangen you need to visit. Guided tours to breweries outside Bamberg and Forchheim available if you would like to head into the Bamberg/Forchheim countryside with a Franconian beer expert.

Weiherer Zapfenduster Hofzfassgelagert

Weiherer is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. This oak barrel aged version of their already gorgeous Imperial Stout is a majestic example of how barrel aging can work. It’s a richly malty contemplative brew with a complex mix of oak, dried fruit, chocolate and coffee. It sounds like an odd combination but the flavors meld beautifully. The lingering finish is quite dry for 7.8% with a pleasant bitterness which makes it incredibly drinkable.

Kaiserhöfer Kellerbier

Kaiserhöfer Kellerbier is an unfiltered amber balanced brew with a nice grainy malty element to compliment the light hopping.

Veldensteiner Saphir Bock

Veldensteiner Saphir Bock is a rich malty Dunkler Doppelbock with Saphir aroma hops. It's lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet.

O-Bräu Export (Kaiserhof)

O-Bräu Export is brewed by Thomas Kaiser at the mother Kaiserhof brewery. It's a textbook example of the malt forward style with a lingering semi-bitter finish. The O refers to the brewer's cat, Oskar.

A blind man walks into a Franconian village with three breweries & can’t find a beer

Burgunstadt is a charming hilltop village with some lovely half-timbered houses. Günther-Bräu is the lone brewery remaining of the once four. Easily reached by train but hard to find their beer on tap. Try Royal.

O-Bräu Winterbock (Kaiserhof)

O-Bräu Winterbock is brewed by Thomas Kaiser at the mother Kaiserhof brewery. It's heading into Doppelbock territory at 7.8%. While not prominent, the alcohol is obvious in both the honey tinged nose and richly malty palate. The O refers to the brewer's cat, Oskar.

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Search for a Brewery/Pub/Bierkeller by Interactive Map

Maps are fun things. They help us visualize the world around us. With our smartphones in hand, they aren't as important in navigating as they once were but what they do for our imagination hasn't been replaced yet. Open the interactive map in full Google Maps format and you can filter by Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia, Lower Franconia, Franconian Baden-Württemberg and Upper Bavarian Franconia. Click on links in entries to reach Beerwanderers write-ups on each place, which includes contact information, opening hours and brewery websites. Always confirm opening hours before setting out. The place to find good beer in the Bamberg area. I hope it helps you visualize your next beery adventure.

O-Bräu Märzen (Kaiserhof)

O-Bräu Märzen is brewed by Thomas Kaiser at the mother Kaiserhof brewery. It's a true to style richly malty brew with some spice in the nose and palate and a lingering semi-dry semi-bitter finish. The O refers to the brewer's cat, Oskar.

Kronach: The Kaiser, The Duck & the Pächter Fäctor

While small Franconian breweries are having a tough time, often closing, even regional player are feeling the pinch. Many continue to brew but their brewery taps are closing at an alarming rate. Finding tenants isn't easy. Finding customers is getting even harder.