Gampertbräu Jubiläums-Trunk

Gampert-Bräu Jubiläums-Trunk is a fine amber Festbier with a malt forward palate and fairly clean finish.

Gampertbräu Förster Pils

Gampert-Bräu Förster Pils is a fair, semi-dry, somewhat hoppy Pils.

Kesselring Urfränkisches Landbier

Kesselring Urfränkisches Landbier is a mahogany wonder with a rich malty palate and long semi-bitter finish.

Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier

Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier is a great amber malt forward session beer with just enough underlying hops to make the finish semi-dry and moreish.

It takes a beer to laugh, it takes missing the bus to cry

If you are going to use the bus in Franconia, you need to follow these 10 essential rules to avoid missing yours.

Hetzel Frauendorfer Landbier (bottle)

Frauendorfer Landbier is a balanced, dry, malty session beer with a clean, slightly bitter finish.

Waldhauser Zoigl

Waldhauser Zoigl may not be an Echte Zoigl but it's sure a tasty one nonetheless.

Heller Festmärzen

Hans Heller brews a gorgeous unfiltered richly malty Märzen with hints of caramel and a clean, bittersweet finish.

Kitzmann Original

Kitzmann Original is actually brewed in Kulmbach and is an easy to drink if somewhat bland unfiltered amber session beer.

Eller Vollbier

Eller Vollbier is a dry Helles with a nicely integrated grain element and underlying hops.