A Surprise in Schönram

Schönram is a charming Bavarian village with great hiking in it surroundings and an amazing brewpub in town.

Wagner Lagerbier

Wagner Lagerbier is a balanced session beer and great for those not overly enamored with hops.

Gänstaller Rauch Märzen

Gänstaller Rauch Märzen is a dark beauty. Black as coal with a nice smoky element that compliments rather overshadows its firm hoppy palate. Marvelous.

Hummel Kellerbier

Hummel Kellerbier is a balanced hoppy quaffer, a perfect brew for the Bierkeller or a session beer for the pub.

Hummel Räucherla

Räucherla is a great introduction to the Rauchbier style, with a balanced easy drinking palate and light smokiness before a clean bitter finish.

Hummel Räucherator

Räucherator is a regal smoke Dopplebock with a rich malty plate and and underlying light smokiness.

Lieberth Lagerbier

Lieberth is filtered bottled version of their popular Kellerbier.

Lieberth Kellerbier

Lieberth Kellerbier is a lovely dry fruity brew, perfect for sipping under a shady chestnut tree.

Heavyweight Championship of Beer: Round 2 Ayinger Winter Bock vs Celebrator

Ayinger brews two great dark Bocks but which one is better? Celebrator or the Winter Bock? Time to test the two.

Ayinger Celebrator

Ayinger Celebrator is a rich dark brew with lots of dried fruit and fair hopping in the long dry bittersweet finish.