Rich Carbonara’s “Beer Hiking Bavaria” is available now in both English & German

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Now also available on US Amazon:

Beer Hiking Bavaria on US Amazon
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Beer Hiking Bavaria (English)               Bierwandern Bayern (Deutsch)

Sometimes you do something just for the hell of it and it turns into something you never quite imagined. When my wife went back to school in the evenings a few years ago, I decided to put my knowledge of beer and hiking from years of living in Bavaria to use. I designed and wrote a very large website over the course of the next two years. I got lots of mail thanking me for my efforts along with some people interested in doing trips with me. Then one day, Swiss publishing house Helvetiq contacted me about writing a book on beer hiking in Bavaria. It was surely one of he hardest things I’ve ever done but here it is nine months later and the book has just been released in Germany. Details on US distribution coming soon. If you’ve enjoyed, you’ll love Beer Hiking Bavaria, which contains 50 hikes from all over Bavaria along with 50 chosen beers to end your hikes with.

Auf Deutsch: Das Buch “Bierwandern Bayern” von Rich Carbonara ist ab sofort erhältlich

14 thoughts on “Rich Carbonara’s “Beer Hiking Bavaria” is available now in both English & German

    1. Thanks for calling it to my attention, Bjarte. I’ll contact the publisher.It will be on Amazon at one point, hopefully soon so please keep checking on there. I may even do some direct mailing if that’s what needs to be done. Thanks for your interest too!

    2. Hi Bjarte. I just checked and it is available on the German version of Amazon and they do ship to Norway. It is slightly less expensive than on the publisher’s website but the shipping is a little high. With the two combined, it’s not bad and cheaper than traveling to an EU country. Hope that helps and sorry it’s not easier.

  1. So this is how the book came about! How cool that a “hobby” blog could become something so cool as a published book! Good stuff!

    1. Thanks, Anna. Yeah, in a way, VT led to the book because I wouldn’t have likely got back into writing without it and I wouldn’t have met D either. Without D, I’m not living in Munich and without living in Munich, I can’t write the blog on Franconian beer. The wild chain of events that we so misguidedly call life.

  2. Really great looking at this website. Will get book soon. My ex was from Schwabach but did so much of the area for 9 years with her and family. Miss the area but not the ex 😉
    So nice to see the fattening franconian food. It made me buy a recipe book on the food. Unfortunately, living in a Vegan/Vegetarian house, may not get to rcook much.

  3. I bought you book and really like but where can I find the card information you have there for each tour, for example “atk25-q11”. Sorry if this is a silly question but I couldnt find them.

    1. Thanks for your support, Dan. The publisher wanted a uniform map format and this was the one I found that was available for all the regions of Bavaria. You can find the maps on Amazon and I would imagine bookstores, though probably only the ones close to the hike in question. I consult Fritsch maps for Franconia, mostly for planning and use a GPS when hiking. The publisher has free GPS tracks for the hikes in the book on their website. So, if you use a GPS, I would suggest getting the tracks from them. You can even use them with your phone but generally I find batteries run down pretty quickly when doing it. Hope that helps and thanks again for enjoying the book!

  4. Zoigl. Oberpfalz. Bayerische Wald.

    By far the most unique and rare beer culture in Bayern…next edition perhaps?

    1. Hi Dave, I have two beer hikes from the Zoigl area in the Oberpfalz as well as two from the Bayrische Wald region. I hope there’s a next edition. For more information about Zoigl, please check out my slew of information on it. I’ve been enjoying it for years.

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