Bamberg Beer & Food Tours

Beerwanderers is not only an information resource for the beer, food and hiking trails of Bavaria but also a full service provider of guided customizable hiking tours which bring the traveler to breweries often not visited by walking on paths rather than riding in a tour bus. Get off the bus and feel the earth move under your feet. We’ve also  added walking tours of the Bamberg town breweries and on all tours specialize in making sure clients get beers and local foods not to miss at our stops.

Bamberg Departures:

Enjoy your own group with a Private Tour.


4 thoughts on “Bamberg Beer & Food Tours

  1. My husband and I did the beer tour in Bamberg and it was absolutely amazing! Filled with great talks, long walks and fantastic beer!
    Highly recommended if you’re into walking and beer tasting.
    Rich is a very cool guy and really knows his beers! We’ll definitely have to come back for the Munich tour.
    – Martha & Kristian from Mexico.

    1. It was such a pleasure to meet you both. It’s always great to meet people as into food and beer as I am! I look forward to meeting you again and we’ll plan it so you can meet my wife too. Safe travels home.

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