Why Beer Wanderers?

Welcome to Beer Wanderers:  a site for lovers of finding new beers.  In this case, those in Franconia, largely a region in northern Bavaria (but historically and culturally in a few other states), where close to 300 breweries are densely dotted across a timeless landscape.

Beer Wanderers is a resource of information primarily on walking trails that pass through a high concentration of breweries in this region, but also shares some insights on the beer and food it’s renowned for. The hope is to make this information more accessible to those interested in finding not only beers they haven’t tried but also to experience a unique part of the world, where brewing traditions haven’t changed for generations and often, the same families own and actually run these enterprises.

This is a chance to step back in time, to walk trails tread on by knights and peasants, past castles and rocky outcroppings, through lush forests and verdant valleys…to become a beer wanderer.

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star rating  My group of 5 met Rich at the train station in Bamburg and hopped on a bus into rural Franconia. This was a 10 hour trip for us and... read more

Thunder J
September 1, 2021

Best day ever! This was such a fun and unique way to learn about local food and beer culture and history, as well as to get a closer look at the beautiful Bavarian landscape. You go as fast or as slow as you need to – whatever is best for the group. The beer and food at Andechs were some of the best we had our whole week in Germany, and the pretzels for certain were THE BEST we had all week! Rich is so knowledgeable about all things beer, he’s like beer-google! Because it was a small private tour, it didn’t even *feel* like an official tour, it just felt like we were spending the day with our buddy who knows a lot about beer. I cannot recommend this tour enough, and can’t wait to book his other beer hikes when we’re back! 5++++++ stars!



JoEllen D

Small group of 4 enjoyed this tour on 11/14/2022. I only had 3 days in Munich to do “fun” stuff and this tour with Rich was indeed my favorite. Yes, castles are great. Sure training it to Salzburg, Austria was definitely not a regret- BUT hanging out with a cool guy getting personalized tips and suggestions as well as enjoying a beautiful hike with great beer and food- WIN! I love hidden jewel tours and this one definitely qualifies. The hike wasn’t hard and the pork knuckle is a must and should definitely be shared with the entire group! Also, Rich introduced me to obatzda and now I wish I could have it every day. Can’t wait to go back and try his other tours!!

Tara E

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