Weiherer Zapfenduster Hofzfassgelagert

Weiherer is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. This oak barrel aged version of their already gorgeous Imperial Stout is a majestic example of how barrel aging can work. It’s a richly malty contemplative brew with a complex mix of oak, dried fruit, chocolate and coffee. It sounds like an odd combination but the flavors meld beautifully. The lingering finish is quite dry for 7.8% with a pleasant bitterness which makes it incredibly drinkable.

Hetzel Frauendorfer Hell

Frauendorfer Hell is a balanced malty brew with fair hopping and a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish. At 4.4%, it's a great session beer.

Aufsesser Bock Dunkel

Aufsesser Bock Dunkel is a richly malty dark Bock with some roast and burnt caramel along with Spalter hops. The lingering finish is bittersweet.

Gampertbräu Bock

Gampert-Bräu Bock is a richly malty Hellerbock with a lingering semi-dry, bittersweet finish. At 7.2%, it's a contemplative sipper.

Lindenbräu Tennen Hell

Lindenbräu Tennen Hell is quite dry and fairly hopped for a Helles so it is more Franconian than many of the new breed.

What makes the Walberfest so special? Sometimes, it’s not about the beer.

The Walberlafest is perhaps Germany's oldest spring festival. Set high on a hill called the Walberla, it is certainly the most atmospheric. Hike around it before ascending for the most dramatic entrance.

Staffelberg-Bräu Rogg Zwerchla

Staffelberg-Bräu Zwerchla is a surprisingly light and dry example of a Roggenbier with a refreshing fruity palate and lingering semi-bitter finish.

bike path, dark beer, view of a river from a hill

A Prime Passage to Prösslbräu

The Naabtal is a gorgeous lush valley with tons of hiking and biking opportunities. It is also dotted with quite a few great breweries so it's a prime beer hiking region. I met up with Prime Passages founder Kevin Holsapple for a hike from Pielenhofen to Adlersberg. Of course, Prösslbräu was our beery destination. Their Palmator was a just reward.

Weiherer Zwickerla Dunkel

Weiherer is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. Their Zwickerla Dunkel dry fruity beer with a lingering bitter finish.