Lindenbräu Festbier

Lindenbräu's Festbier is a treat, an amped up version of their classic Vollbier.

Witzgall Landbier

Witzgall's Landbier is another winner from one of Franconia's greatest breweries.

Zehendner Weihnachtsbock

Zehendner Weihnachtsbock Brewery: Zehendner Town: Mönchsambach Style: Heller Bock Color: honeycomb, unfiltered Head: white, fluffy, creamy Nose: fruity Body: soft, low carbonation Palate: great mix of malt and hops, quite dry for strength Finish: long dry and bittersweet Served: gravity dispense at the brewery Impression: Great Bockbieranstich (first tapping of the seasonal bock) at the … Continue reading Zehendner Weihnachtsbock

Lindenbräu Vollbier

The best beer on the Fünf Seidla Steig.

Endres Hausbier

One of the Bamberg area's greatest small village breweries.

Witzgall Vollbier

One of Franconia's greatest beers awaits you in the village of Schlammersdorf.