Weib’s Brauhaus Helles

Weib's Brauhaus Helles is a balanced brew with a nice grainy element and more hopping than most in the style. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Hauf Helles

Hauf Helles is a nicely balanced grainy brew with a moreish semi-dry finish.

Hofbräu Oberle Peterla

Hofbräu Oberle Peterla is their Helles with a balanced palate and a lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Distelhäuser Distel Hell

Distelhäuser Distel Hell is a clean semi-dry Helles with some grain in the palate and a semi-bitter finish.

Bayreuther Hell

Bayreuther Hell is a balanced Helles with a nice grain element and a semi-dry finish.

Hofmühl Hell bottle

Hofmühl Hell is a balanced session beer with a clean semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Hofmühl Hell on tap

Hofmühl Hell is a balanced session beer which had a touch of butterscotch on tap. The bottle I brought home was cleaner and better.

Manns Bräu Helles

Mann's Bräu Helles is a nicely balanced session beer brewed by Becher Bräu in Bayreuth for this, their sister pub in the town center.

Grüner Bier (Vollbier hell)

Grüner Bier is the tap version of Tucher's Grüner Vollbier hell and is a serviceable Helles with a drier than typical palate and clean semi-bitter finish.

Reindler-Bräu Hell

Reindler-Bräu Hell is a balanced brew with a hint of grass and a clean semi-dry, bitter finish.