‘s Antla E1nser

's Antla E1nser is an unfiltered Helles with lots of grain and hops in both the nose and palate. The semi-dry lingering finish is semi-bitter.

Kaiserhöfer Keller Äffla Urhell

Kaiserhöfer Keller Äffla Urhell is an unfiltered golden balanced brew with a nice grainy malty element to compliment the light hopping.

Greifla Lager

Greifla Lager is a balanced malty brew with plenty of hops for a lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter moreish finish.

Hetzel Frauendorfer Hell

Frauendorfer Hell is a balanced malty brew with fair hopping and a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish. At 4.4%, it's a great session beer.

Günther-Bräu Helles Vollbier

Günther Bräu Helles Vollbier is a balanced pale golden brew with a grainy, grassy hop nose and palate. The clean finish is just dry and bitter enough to make it moreish at 5%.

Grasser Urtyp Hell (bottle)

One of Franconia's brewing legends resides in Huppendorf. This Hells is a fine and refreshing example of the style with a semi-dry moreish finish and more hops than most.

Lindenbräu Tennen Hell

Lindenbräu Tennen Hell is quite dry and fairly hopped for a Helles so it is more Franconian than many of the new breed.

Hummel Helles

Hummel Helles is a relatively if unspectacular Helles with a lingering, semi-dry finish.

Düll Krautheimer Helles Lager on tap

Düll Krautheimer Helles Lagerbier is a balanced malty example of the style with their signature white pepper in both the nose and palate but it blends well. One of the driest Helles beers I've had.

Landwehr-Bräu Hell on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Hell is a malt forward golden brew with a grainy palate and lingering semi-dry finish. On tap at the Landwehr am Turm in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.