Trunk Nothelfer Pils

Trunk Nothelfer Pils is a dry fruity session beer with a clean slightly bitter finish.

Trunk Scheffeltrunk Kellerbier

Trunk Nothelfer Kellerbier is a fruity, semi-dry beer with some grain before the somewhat bitter finish.

Löwenbräu Hennemann Pils

Löwenbräu Hennemann Pils is an oddly bitter Pils and not particularly hoppy.

Dinkel Roggenbock

Dinkel Roggenbock is an occasional seasonal Bock made with rye.

Staffelberg-Bräu Helles Vollbier

Staffelberg-Bräu Helles Vollbier

Staffelberg-Bräu Mai-Bock

Staffelberg-Bräu Mai-Bock is a nice dry balanced Hellerbock, easy to drink at 7%.

Staffelberg-Bräu Querkerla

Staffelberg-Bräu Querkerla is their take on a light smoke beer.

Staffelberg-Bräu Wienerla

Staffelberg-Bräu Wienerla is a hoppier take on a Vienna Lager.

Staffelberg-Bräu Weißbier

Staffelberg-Bräu Weißbier is a very refreshing citrusy take on the style.

Hetzel Frauendorfer Pils

Frauendorfer Pils is a great session beer with a dry hoppy palate with a touch of grain and clean bitter finish.