Fürst Carl Märzen

Fürst Carl Märzen is a rare hoppy Märzen with a lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Ammerndorfer Keller Trunk

Ammerndorfer Keller Trunk is a balanced slightly grainy Kellerbier with a clean, semi-dry, slightly bitter finish.

Ammerndorfer Spezial

Ammerndorfer Spezial is a richly malty brew with some spice in both the nose and palate. The finish is lingering and semi-bitter.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Märzen

Sternla Märzen is malty but remains dry and clean in the finish.

Penning Märzen

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Märzen is true Märzen from the small countryside brewery whose Vollbier is legendary. This Märzen has a gorgeous amber hue and rich malty palate with hints of burnt caramel. The moreish finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter and makes this 5.5% brew dangerously drinkable.

Zum Löwenbräu Märzen Löwe

Zum Löwenbräu Märzen Löwe is a balanced brew with cereal in the nose and palate, finishing semi-dry and slightly bitter.

Heller Festmärzen

Hans Heller brews a gorgeous unfiltered richly malty Märzen with hints of caramel and a clean, bittersweet finish.

A Communal Déjà-vu in Seßlach

Sometimes you get the feeling you've been somewhere, drunk a beer or walked a path before. That's Deja-Bru.

The Döbler Effect on Bad Windsheim

Sometimes it's the people in a town who make the difference and Bad Windsheim sure had the Döbler Effect.

Scharpf Märzen

Scharpf Märzen is a rich amber brew with a toasted burnt tinge and semi-dry, bittersweet finish. One of the best.