Greif Dunkel Weisse

Greif Dunkle Weisse is a Gold Medal winning dark wheat beer with a yeasty nose and banana yeast in the palate.

Kraus Festbier

Kraus Festbier is a malty and somewhat thin-flavored brew.

Greifla Schwarz

Greifla Schwarz is new release from the brewery in hopes of tapping into Neder's Schwarze Anna market. This one is quite possibly drier and easier to drink and well worth seeking out.

Kraus Lagerbier

Kraus Lagerbier is an easy drinking dry fruity brew with a long dry bitter finish.

Greif Hell

Greif Hell is quite hoppy for the style but has a good malt backbone to keep it balanced.

Reblitz Doldenzupfer

Reblitz Dolzenzupfer is a marvelous wet-hopped Helles: balanced with a good floral hop presence and a long dry bitter finish.

Reblitz Dunkles Landbier

Reblitz Dunkles Landbier is a dry malty quaffer that goes well with dishes typical of the area.

Reblitz Bock

Reblitz Bock is a marvelous Hellerbock: balanced with a good floral hop presence and a long dry bitterish finish.

Greif Weihnachtsfestbier

Greif Weihnachtsfestbier is a fine example of the style, drier and fruitier than most.

Brauerei Mager Dunkel

Brauerie Mager Dunkel is a marvelous example of the style: rich and malty with some dark chocolate and a long dry bitter finish.