Lindenbräu Festbier

Lindenbräu's Festbier is a treat, an amped up version of their classic Vollbier.

Witzgall Landbier

Witzgall's Landbier is another winner from one of Franconia's greatest breweries.

Metzgerbräu Lagerbier

Metzgerbräu's Lagerbier is a dry fruity treat with a rounded soft palate and long dry bitter finish.

Knoblach Rauchbier

Knoblach's Rauchbier is new smoky edition to Knoblach's line-up. It has a light but firm smokiness and a long dry bitter finish.

Knoblach Räuschla

Knoblach's Räuschla is a great introduction to smoke beer with a light smokiness to its well-balanced and dry palate.

A Hard Beer’s Night (& Day)

The first tapping of the Christmas Bock at Zehendner turns out to be an adventure but the beer hike the next day saved the day.

Weber-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

Brewery: Weber-Bräu Town: Röbersdorf Style: Landbier Color: amber Head: white, creamy Nose: slightly hoppy Body: medium,  low carbonation Palate: hoppy from the start with some malt backbone Finish: clean, bitter Served: from a bottle at the brewery Impression: Was happy to finally get a beer at this brewery as it was unexpectedly closed the first … Continue reading Weber-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

Hennemann Sommergold

Hennemann Sommergold is another winner from the Sambach brewery. Hoppy and dry, perfect for summer.

Hennemann Lagerbier

Hennemann Lagerbier Brewery: Hennemann Town: Sambach Style: Vollbier Color: amber Head: white, rocky Nose: malt with slight hops Body: full,  low carbonation Palate: great malt/hop mix Finish: long and dry Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Wasn't sure what to expect but this beer was a true surprise and is a great example of … Continue reading Hennemann Lagerbier

Zehendner Weihnachtsbock

Zehendner Weihnachtsbock Brewery: Zehendner Town: Mönchsambach Style: Heller Bock Color: honeycomb, unfiltered Head: white, fluffy, creamy Nose: fruity Body: soft, low carbonation Palate: great mix of malt and hops, quite dry for strength Finish: long dry and bittersweet Served: gravity dispense at the brewery Impression: Great Bockbieranstich (first tapping of the seasonal bock) at the … Continue reading Zehendner Weihnachtsbock