Schroll Ur-trunk

Schroll Ur-Trunk is a throwback Braunbier with a malty palate with some fruitiness and a somewhat dry slightly bitter finish.

Zehendner Maibock

Zehendner Maibock is one dangerous Bock at 6.5%. This dry fruity brew has moreish long, dry bittersweet finish.

Zehendner Lagerbier

Zehendner Lagerbier is a low carbonation Ungespundetes beer with a gorgeous dry fruity palate, perfect for a night at the Bierkeller.

Zehendner Export

Zehendner Export is a great dry fruity session beer with a clean finish.

Lindenbräu Kellerbier

Lindenbräu Kellerbier is a balanced if somewhat bland quaffer.

Lindenbräu Pils

Lindenbräu Pils is one of Franconia's best, with a floral hoppy plate and dry clean finish.

Weber-Bräu Landbier Hell

Weber-Bräu Landbier Hell is a hoppy quaffer which is now brewed by Rittmayer in Hallerndorf after the brewery stopped brewing after more than 200 years.

Knoblach Ur-Märzen

Knoblach's Ur-Märzen is the brewery's take on a classic style but as expected, a hoppier version.

Knoblach Ungespundetes Lager

Knoblach's Ungespundetes is a prime example of a rare style of beer only really produced in a small area around Bamberg.

Knoblach Dunkles Landbier

Knoblach's Dunkles Landbier is a dry hoppy brew but has a definite chocolate component in the mix.