Steinbach-Bräu Bergkirchweihbier

Steinbach-Bräu Bergkirchweihbier is the small brewpub's entry at their annual Bierfest on the hill. While true to style, it's not overly tasty and the finish kind of just sits there.

Schlenkerla Stiftsgartenbier

Schlenkerla's Stiftsgartenbier is brewed according to an old recipe from Bamberg's oldest historical brewery on the Michaelsberg and is yet another winner from the famed Rauchbierbrauerei.

Rittmayer 1422 Festbier

Rittmayer 1422 Festbier is a commemorative deep golden Festbier with a richly malty palate and lingering finish.

Hebendanz Jubiläums Festbier

Hebendanz Jubiläums Festbier is a commemorative amber beer first brewed in 2005 to celebrate Forchheim's 1200th anniversary.

Becher-Bräu Winter Festbier

Becher-Bräu Winter Festbier is a bit of a cross between their Vollbier and Bock. It's richly malty but surprising light for 5.4%.

Göller Winter Festbier

Göller Winter Festbier is the rare amber Fest and a good one at that, with some caramel notes in the richly malty palate. The semi-dry lingering finish moreish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Grünhopfen Weihnachtsbier

Sternla Grünhopfen Weihnachtsbier is a cold-hopped Festbier with a balanced palate featuring both malt and hops.

Drei Kronen Festbier

Drei Kronen Festbier is unsurprisingly malty brew with just enough hops to dry it nicely in the finish.

Wiethaler Kirchweih Bier

Wiethaler Kirchweih Bier is a richly malty beer brewed for the village's church festival.

Wiethaler Goldstoff Hell

Wiethaler Goldstoff Hell is a richly malty Export verging on Festbier which is dangerously drinkable at 5.4%