Der Bräu Heimat Seidla ‘s Laffer

Der Bräu Heimat Seidla s' Laffer is a rich malty Vollbier with a lingering semi-dry finish.

Kanone Zwickel

Kanone Zwickel is a malty/grainy example of the style with a lingering semi-dry finish

Veldensteiner Saphir Bock

Veldensteiner Saphir Bock is a rich malty Dunkler Doppelbock with Saphir aroma hops. It's lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet.

Veldensteiner Mandarina Bavaria Weissbier

Veldensteiner Mandarina Bavaria Weissbier is a lovely Craft Beer take on a Bavarian style with Bavarian aroma hops which impart a refreshing citrusy element to the palate. The lingering finish is surprisingly dry and semi-bitter.

Kürzdörfer Lindenhardter Bockbier Dunkel

Kürzdorfer Bockbier Dunkel had a gorgeous pour with a chestnut hue and ample rocky off-white head. It took forever. A mix of roast, dark chocolate malt and hops in the nose carry over into the richly malty palate.

Lindenbräu Tennen Hell

Lindenbräu Tennen Hell is quite dry and fairly hopped for a Helles so it is more Franconian than many of the new breed.

Veldensteiner Frühlings Märzen

Veldensteiner Frühlings is a rich malty typical of the style with a signature spicy element and a hint of roast before the lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Veldensteiner Rotbier

Veldensteiner Rotbier is a nice mix of malt and hops with a clean, dry finish that's perfectly bitter.

Benaburger/Brunnhuber Bier/Zoigl on tap

Benaburger/Brunnhuber Zoigl/Bier is a balanced richly malty unfiltered beer with some caramel in the nose and a hint of roast in palate. The finish is lingering, semi-dry and semi-bitter.

What makes the Walberfest so special? Sometimes, it’s not about the beer.

The Walberlafest is perhaps Germany's oldest spring festival. Set high on a hill called the Walberla, it is certainly the most atmospheric. Hike around it before ascending for the most dramatic entrance.