Kesselring Schlemmer Weissbier

Kesselring Schlemmer Weissbier is a balanced fruity wheat beer with a sourish palate and lingering finish.

Wiesener Räuberweisse

Wiesener Räuberweisse from Bürgerliches Brauhaus is a great looking Weizen with a rocky head and fruity nose. It’s got a rounded fruity palate with yeast in peeking in from the nose. It’s also got an earthy quality untypical for the style which gives it a moreish quality. It’s a touch stickier than their other beers but not overly so and certainly not for the style. It’s full-flavored and fruity but remains refreshing, something a Weizen should always strive to be.

Waldschloss Bräu Fuhrmanns Weisse

Waldschloss Fuhrmanns Weisse has the classic banana clove interplay in both the nose and palate but it's thin of flavor with a cloying finish.

Kaiserhof Weisser Kaiser

Kaiserhof Weisser Kaiser is a refreshing fruity Weizen with lovely tangy drier than typical for the style finish. One of my favorite Weizens from Franconian.

Veldensteiner Mandarina Bavaria Weissbier

Veldensteiner Mandarina Bavaria Weissbier is a lovely Craft Beer take on a Bavarian style with Bavarian aroma hops which impart a refreshing citrusy element to the palate. The lingering finish is surprisingly dry and semi-bitter.

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen is a yeasty, tart weizen a little thin on flavor but no unpleasant.

Köslauer Rennweg Brauer Weißbier

Köslauer Rennweg Brauer Weißbier was brewed specifically for their opening Weißwürstfrühstück on the Sunday of their 3rd annual Oktoberfest. They only did 40 liters so you had to arrive early to partake. It was a nice looking Weizen with lots of banana in the nose. It had a balanced fruity palate with a good yeasty quality and just a hint of banana. One of the drier examples. Quite nice.

Roth Hefe Weizen hell on tap

Roth Hefe Weizen hell is a nice looking Weizen with a fruity palate featuring banana and lingering finish.

Will-Bräu Hefe Weizen bottle

Will-Bräu Hefe Weizen is a fairly dry for the style fruity wheat beer with a refreshingly fruity palate and lingering finish.

Göller Kaiser Heinrich Urweisse

Göller Kaiser Urweisse is a good example of the style with a fruity palate and lingering finish.