Kaiser Weißbier

Kaiser Weißbier is unusual for the style with a grainy palate and lacking most of the typical fruitiness you expect to find. That said, it's a pleasant and refreshing beer just the same.

Roppelt (Trossenfurt) Weizen

Roppelt Weizen is a refreshingly sour wheat beer with lots of yeast in the semi-dry finish.

Lindenbräu Weizen

Lindenbräu Weizen is a medal winning sourish Weizen with a very dry for the style clean finish.

Nothhaft Rawetzer Weißbier

Nothhaft Rawetzer Weißbier is one with a strong banana component.

Lang Bräu Schönbrunner Weißbier Hell

Lang Bräu Schönbrunner Weißbier Hell is a refreshingly fruit beer with just a hint of banana and clove.