Though the Zoigl area is not in Franconia, it is not so far from it and is part of northern Bavaria. I am including it on Beerwanderers not only because it is a fascinatingly specialized area of brewing but also is home to some amazing hiking. Links below are to my various blogs on the topic along a search for Zoigl town which will be helpful when it comes to visiting the various Zoiglstuben. Please consult their Zoigl calendar for current opening days: Zoiglkalender_2024.

Here are my current pages on the topic:

A Brief History of Zoigl in Time
zoigl history banner
Search for Zoigl by Town
zoigl breweries banner
Tours of Zoigl Communal Brew Houses
zoigl windischeschenbach coolship banner
How to eat your carrots and drink your Zoigl, too

Monkey in the Zoigl middle: Falkenberg
castle, beer church
Beer Hiking in autumn has its merits and mushrooms
Diary of a Mad Craft Beer Brewing Wife in the Land of Zoiglzoigl diary banner
Waldnapptal Nature Reserve

Tasting Zoigl

Zoigl in the Allgäu. Why not?

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