Where the brews are

This is an ever growing list of breweries that I have visited in Franconia. I’ve expanded my listings to include Bierkellers and some restaurants/pubs. So far it’s about 200 breweries/brewery taps, 34 Bierkellers and 34 restaurants/pubs in 171 towns. There are many on my radar in 2024 so check back for updates. With the growing popularity of Zoigl, I’ve now included it here though in the Upper Palatinate, east of Franconia. I have been to all 5 Zoigl towns there and visited 18 Zoigstuben.

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If you know the town the brewery is in, look it up that way.  If you will be visiting a larger town like Bamberg or Nürnberg,  check the the regional listings to find ones nearby, often reachable by public transport.

As for regional listings, they are helpful but if you don’t find good public transportation from the towns in the region, check neighboring ones. For example, the Fünf Seidla Steig® is most easily accessed from Nürnberg but the breweries (and this actual area or Kreis in German) is in the Forchheim region. No worries, most of the breweries are in either the Bamberg, Forchheim or Bayreuth regions. Those can be great towns to access them by but you can also check their accessibility from Nürnberg as it is the best connected city in Franconia.

Beer isn’t the only reason to visit Franconia, have a look at their food, too.