Beer Styles

This is a list of beer styles you will find in Franconia. Click on the links for full descriptions and  photos. There is some overlap with beer styles in Bavaria since technically they are the same state. Just don’t tell that to a Franconian! It’s not meant to be filled with technical descriptions. The full blog can be found at ABeerC if you want to read it in one go.  I’ve decided to break it into smaller chunks in case you are looking for something in particular.

A: Altbier, Altfränkischesbier

B: Bauernbier, Bier, Bockbier, Braunbier

D: Dampfbier, Dopplebock, Dunkles

E: Export 

F: Festbier

G: Gose

H: Hefeweizen, Hellerbock, Heller Doppelbock, Helles

K: Kellerbier

L: Lagerbier, Landbier

M: Märzen, Maibock

P: Pils

R: Rauchbier, Rauchbock, Rotbier

S: Schankbier, Schwarzbier, Starkbier

U: Ungespundetes

V: Vollbier

W: Weizen/Weißbier, Weizenbock

Z: Zoigl, Zwickel/Zwickl

Finished with Beer Styles, check out the breweries, beer hiking trails or local dishes.

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