Beer Hiking Trails in Franconia

This is a list of hiking trails in Franconia that take you by not only great scenery but also small breweries, often very hard to reach by public transportation. They are generally put together using non-beery trails that happen to run close to or by neighboring breweries. It’s in alphabetical order so in no way reflects favorites. You can do them as stand alone circuits or piece them together to make longer multi-day trips as I did on my epic 2017 four-day Beer Hiking Extravaganza.

7 brauereienweg banner13-Brauereienweg
13 Brauereienweg bannerAhorntal Brauereienweg
ahorntal trail bannerAufseß Brauereienweg
aufsess trail bannerBierquellenwanderweg
bierquellenwanderweg bannerBrauereienwanderweg
hirschaid brauereienweg bannerBurg und Bier Pfad
burg und bier pfad banner
Fünf Seidla Steig®
Fünf Seidla Steig trail bannerTummler Brauereienweg
tummler bannerWaischenfeld Brauereienweg
waischenfeld trail banner

Not ready to go it alone? How about joining me for a guided hike to some great breweries: Guided Hikes. I’ll make sure to get you on the right trails, pick the best beers and not miss the local dishes.

(Fünf-Seidla-Steig® is a registered trademark of the breweries Elchbräu, Brauerei Hofmann, Lindenbräu, Brauerei Friedmann and Klosterbrauerei Weißenohe)

7 thoughts on “Beer Hiking Trails in Franconia

    1. Yes, Laura. There are links to the tours on just about every page. Just follow them for details. I mostly do them on weekends and generally to the two most accessible trails. If you are interested in something other than those two, just drop me a mail and let me know.

  1. Hello. We may spend a few days in and around Pottenstein (family of 4 which includes a 7 and 12 year old). Held-Brau looks to be a short drive away and I see a few beer cellars /pubs within town but would you recommend any beer gardens that are in this area with playgrounds so kids have activity while we try a beer or two?

    1. There are many trails just listed here so hard to be without doubt on this but I’d say in general, the trails are doable on a mountain bike. Also, there are a lot of regular biking routes that cover the same areas. It’s very popular to bike from brewery to brewery. Hope that helps and thanks for enjoying Beerwanderers.

  2. Hello. Informative book. I bought it a couple months ago, and then I used it to plan and hike the Funf Seidla Steig with some friends. Very enjoyable.

    I would now like to do one of your guided tours, but I do not have many friends wishing to join and split the price. Are there any weekend dates when you offer guided beer tours for a fixed price, e.g. 100 Euro per person or thereabouts? That and/or I would enjoy joining others in an open group.


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