Beer Hiking Trails in Franconia

This is a list of hiking trails in Franconia that take you by not only great scenery but also small breweries, often very hard to reach by public transportation. They are generally put together using non-beery trails that happen to run close to or by neighboring breweries. You can do them as stand alone circuits or piece them together to make longer multi-day trips as I did on my recent four-day trip.

Aufseß Brauereienweg
BierquellenWegSp15edit1.JPGWaischenfeld Brauereienweg
BWtW11.JPGFünf Seidla Steig
13BrauereiAhorntal Brauereienweg
4-ReunSchmausBurg und Bier Pfad
KrugCircuitEastereditTummler Brauereienweg

Need help planning or check out guided tours.

2 thoughts on “Beer Hiking Trails in Franconia

    1. Yes, Laura. There are links to the tours on just about every page. Just follow them for details. I mostly do them on weekends and generally to the two most accessible trails. If you are interested in something other than those two, just drop me a mail and let me know.

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