Wettelsheimer Märzen

Wettelsheimer Märzen is a classic of this style of malty fest beer. While not hoppy, the finish is clean and avoids any cloying characteristics.

Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube

Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube is one of the best, with a large beer hall upstairs, cozy pub downstairs and home butchered meats.

Kramer-Wolf Zoigl

Kramer-Wolf Zoigl is the real deal, made by one of a very limited number of producers in one of only five towns still following all the protocols of Zoigl brewing.

Drummer Helles

Drummer Dunkles Brewery: Drummer Town: Leutenbach Style: Helles Color: straw Head: dense Nose: grain, malt Body: medium Palate: malty flavor, some grassy and grain notes mixed in, slight hop Finish: clean, bittersweet Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: This was my second time at the brewery so had higher expectations this time around. Though … Continue reading Drummer Helles

Money Can’t Buy You Beer

You can buy most beers online but some beers you just have to go to the source but that's half the fun if you're a beerwanderer.