Wettelsheimer Märzen on tap

beer in logo ceramic mug
Strauß Märzen in Krug

Brewery: Strauss
Style: Märzen 5.5%
Color: in Krug so no visuals but amber from previous glasses

Head: off-
white, creamy, rocky
Nose: richly malty, spicy

Body: full

Palate: balanced, malty, spicy, underlying hops

Finish: lingering, bittersweet

Served: on tap at Gasthof Zum Goldenen Lamm

Impression: This is oddly served in a Krug which is how you expect it to be at a Keller, where it’s not. Perhaps this is what they used in the old days! It’s still the lovely Märzen I remember, richly malty with some spice. Though this area is one of the last which still drinks Märzen, it’s a dying breed which warrants your support. I think I like the Helles more and I must admit, it would be the best choice at the Keller but I have to respect a brewery sticking by what they obviously feel is their flagship.

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