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The Pocket Guide to the Best Forchheim & its Countryside Breweries

Franconia is blessed with 100s of great breweries, many of them in small villages outside the big towns. The pocket guide to the best Forchheim and its Countryside Breweries will help you pick out which breweries outside Forchheim you need to visit. Guided tours to breweries outside Bamberg and Forchheim available if you would like to head into the Bamberg/Forchheim countryside with a Franconian beer expert.

Roppelt Weizen

Roppelt Weizen is a serviceable wheat beer with a fruity palate and semi-dry finish.

How to find the trail to Bierkeller Nirvana

What's the difference between a beer garden and a Bierkeller? Sometimes you just have to live it to feel it. Take the Bierkeller Extravaganza tour and find out!

Roppelt Märzen

Roppelt Kellerbier is balanced session beer with a clean, semi-bitter finish.

Roppelt Kellerbier

Roppelt Kelleriber is balanced session beer with a clean, semi-bitter finish which is moreish.

Roppelt Festbier

Roppelt Festbier is balanced if slightly potent session beer with some firm hopping in the clean dry finish.