How to find the trail to Bierkeller Nirvana

The difference between a Bierkeller and a Biergarten isn’t easy to explain but I’ve tried in my Franconian Bierkeller roundup. While intellectualizing such things may prove futile, once you experience a Bierkeller in Franconia you’ll feel the difference.


There are hundreds of them dotting the Franconian countryside. Finding your own personal favorite is a rewarding but time-consuming endeavor. I’ve been exploring the region since 1997 and though far from having been to all of them, I have been to a fair chunk of the best. One particular area featuring a high concentration of stellar Bierkellers is Hallerndorf, just west of Forchheim. Conveniently there are pretty walking trails linking them together.

the gentle Franconian countryside

Time is precious and for those not living in the area, using someone else’s expertise can not only save time but help ensure you get to on the right trails to the best Bierkellers. Once there, it’s nice to have an idea about the types of regional dishes they offer and what beers you really shouldn’t miss.

 you don’t want to miss out on the goodies

Taking visitors out into the area has been one of my greatest pleasures. I’d be lying if I didn’t agree with recent guest Steve, who said I had just about the best job he could imagine. His family particularly enjoyed hearing the origin of Bierkellers while experiencing live just what Bierkellering is: enjoying a nice simple meal with friends and family over a few excellent beers.

 family fun is a big lure of the Bierkeller

New Beerwanderer David, an astute home brewer, was constantly amazed by the perfect beauty of the simple beers he sampled. While some of the Kellers offer a few beers, some of the best have just one, served by gravity dispense from a barrel. He loved both Kellerbiers from Lieberths and Roppelts.  Served in Krugs to keep the beers cool, you’ll soon appreciate why locals can’t understand our predilection for beer travel. I guess when you live in paradise, you don’t seek out greener grass.

  a beery paradise awaits

Since most of my guests hail from the US, they are perhaps most amazed by not only the public transportation but also by the trails in place to pleasantly get you from one Bierkeller to the next. They were happy to leave their cars behind and not have to worry about an Uber. Enjoying the gentle landscape while you’re burning a few calories is part of what beer hiking is all about.

 walking from brewery to brewery is a joy

While the tours generally take place during the day, the Bierkeller at night when the lights come on has its own magic. If you luck out for an end of season celebration, there’s often live music and a real feel of communal spirit. Spending the night in the area is a highly recommended option but otherwise be sure to know when the last bus is. That’s one of the client reviews I love to read: Rich knew when and more importantly from where the bus was to going leave.

the magic of the Bierkeller at night

Of course, at the end of the day, the Bierkeller experience is about enjoying the people you’re with. I’ve had the great fortune to spend time with some fun groups of new Beerwanderers. Hope to take you Bierkellering soon too!

 new friends enjoying the road less traveled

If you’re looking to get a taste of the Franconian countryside and to visit some small regional Bierkellers, the Bierkeller Extravaganza is for you. Book now to ensure your spot. Also available from Bamberg. 

Another beer hiking tour option, especially if traveling in non-Bierkeller months is the Dorf Breweries Express.

Heading to Bamberg for the first time? Don’t leave home without The Pocket Guide to Bamberg’s Best Beer.

If going in the warmer months, consult The Guide to Bamberg’s Best Biergartens.


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    1. Thanks Don. Sounds like I did the job and hopefully soon you’ll be on your way over. Things are nearly back to normal but Bavaria can use all the (beer) travelers it can get.

  1. Looks fantastic Rich! Great to see you are hosting people from around the world showing them your special corner of the world! I’m such a lightweight drinker though that I might need an Uber to drag my sorry ass to the next spot. Unless you offer to hoist me over your shoulder and carry me! 😛

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