BroBier Vollbier

BroBier Vollbier is a balanced brew with a fresh malty palate and semi-dry finish.

Bürgerbräu Dampfsud

Kanone Dampfsud is a balanced, malty Dunkel with some chocolate before the lingering, semi-dry finish.

Kanone Dunkel

Kanone Dunkel is a nice chocolatey Dunkles with a fairly clean finish.

Meister Zwickel

Meister Zwickel is perhaps an unfiltered version of their popular Vollbier with a fruity/grainy palate and semi-dry finish.

Schlenkerla Hansla

Schlenkerla's Hansla is a very low alcohol brew (less than 1.2%) with a surprisingly full flavor. It's got a hoppy smoky palate and lingering semi-dry, bitter finish.

Einhorn Kellerbier

Einhorn Kellerbier is brewed for this location only by Brauerei Fäßla and is a fine session beer with a nice grain/hop interplay and moreish lingering finish.

Gambrinus Hausbräu

Gambrinus Hausbräu is a fine Kellerbier brewed by Schossbrauerei Reckendorf but lagered at the Gambrinus Keller.

Schlenkerla Heinzlein Helles Bier

Schlenkerla's Heinlein Helles Bier is a very low alcohol brew (.9%) with a surprisingly full flavor. It's got a hoppy cereal palate and lingering semi-dry, simi-bitter finish.

Schlenkerla Stiftsgartenbier

Schlenkerla's Stiftsgartenbier is brewed according to an old recipe from Bamberg's oldest historical brewery on the Michaelsberg and is yet another winner from the famed Rauchbierbrauerei.

Knoblach Sommerbier

Knoblach's Schammelsdorfer Sommerbier is a balanced brew with mown grass in the otherwise grainy nose and a lingering semi-dry finish.