BroBier Vollbier

BroBier Vollbier is a balanced brew with a fresh malty palate and semi-dry finish.

Göller Lager

Göller Lager is a good example of the Altfräkisch style with a balanced malty palate and lingering semi-dry finish.

Göller Rauchbier on tap

Göller Rauchbier is a richly malty brew in the Märzen mold with a nice light smokiness and some hints of caramel peeking through.

Schrüfer Fastenbock

Schrüfer Fastenbock is a richly malty brew for Lent with some roast and dried fruit in the palate and a lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish. Dangerous at 6.7%.

Becher-Bräu Kräusen Pils

Becher-Bräu Kräusen Pils is an unfiltered dry grainy session beer you'd be happy to drink all day at a Bierkeller.

Becher-Bräu Winter Festbier

Becher-Bräu Winter Festbier is a bit of a cross between their Vollbier and Bock. It's richly malty but surprising light for 5.4%.

Becher-Bräu Vollbier

Becher-Bräu Vollbier is a dry fruity session beer with a lingering semi-dry, semi-bitter finish. At 5%, it invites another.

Becher-Bräu/BräuBrüder Bock

Becher-Bräu/BräuBrüder Bock is a nice balanced fruity amber Bock with a lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet finish. Dangerous at 7.5%.

Kaiser Bockbier

Kaiser Bockbier is an amber brew with an enticing fruity nose and fair hopping offset well by ample malt. This dangerously drinkable 7.5% Bock has a semi-dry moreish finish.