Göller Helles Bockbier

Göller is a gorgeous balanced Hellerbock with a crafty hop profile which dries it out supremely in the lingering finish.

Göller Kaiser Heinrich Urweisse

Göller Kaiser Urweisse is a good example of the style with a fruity palate and lingering finish.

Göller Lager

Göller Lager is a good example of the Altfräkisch style with a balanced malty palate and lingering semi-dry finish.

Göller Zwickel Pils

Göller Zwickel Pils is an excellent example of the style with a dry, fruity palate featuring citrus hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and moreish.

Göller Rauchbier on tap

Göller Rauchbier is a richly malty brew in the Märzen mold with a nice light smokiness and some hints of caramel peeking through.

Göller Winter Festbier

Göller Winter Festbier is the rare amber Fest and a good one at that, with some caramel notes in the richly malty palate. The semi-dry lingering finish moreish.

Göller Dunkles Bockbier on tap

Göller Dunkles Bockbier is a richly malty balanced with a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Göller Stout

Göller Stout is another fine Craft Beer offering from the Zeil am Main brewery with a gorgeous dark hue and rocky tan head. With both coffee and dark chocolate in the nose and palate, it's a moreish brew all to easy to drink at 5.5%.