Göller Lager

amber in pewter mug with bottle
Göller Lager

Brewery: Göller
Zeil am Main
Lager 4.9%
Color: light amber

Head: white, rocky

malty, light grain, hint of spice
balanced, malty, light grain, fruity, nice spiciness
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at their pub in Zeil

Impression: I’m generally caught up with trying seasonal beers when at Göller. I also have a few favorites on tap so drinking a bottle there doesn’t make much sense. I’ve generally found their capped beers to be excellent but hit or miss with the swing tops. This is a hit right from the pour. Nice head and spicy nose. It’s heading in the Altfränkisch direction with a pleasant semi-dry fruity palate featuring some spiciness for good measure. The lingering finish is just bitter enough to make it moreish. I’d get this if I saw it on tap.

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