Göller Maibock

Göller Maibock is a balanced fruity Bock with a perfect for spring 6.5% alcohol content and a dryish lingering finish.

Ulrich Martin Josephi Bock from gravity barrel at Bockanstich

Ulrich Martin is a traditional brewery lovingly restored by the man himself. The Josephi Bock is fantastic bock full of rich malt and fine hops. The lingering finish is moreishly semi-dry, making for a dangerous 7% brew. Their Bockanstich is legendary and for good reason. Try to get to one if you are in the area at the right time. You won't regret it.

Wolf Bock

Wolf Bock is a spicy unfiltered take on the style. My bottle had some oxidation but would buy again.

Göller Helles Bockbier

Göller Helles Bockbier is a gorgeous balanced Hellerbock with a crafty hop profile which dries it out supremely in the lingering finish.

O-Bräu Winterbock (Kaiserhof)

O-Bräu Winterbock is brewed by Thomas Kaiser at the mother Kaiserhof brewery. It's heading into Doppelbock territory at 7.8%. While not prominent, the alcohol is obvious in both the honey tinged nose and richly malty palate. The O refers to the brewer's cat, Oskar.

Hummel Leonardi Bock bottle

Hummel Leonardi Bock is a marvelous Hellerbock with a rich malty palate tinged with both honey and floral hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Aufsesser Bock Dunkel

Aufsesser Bock Dunkel is a richly malty dark Bock with some roast and burnt caramel along with Spalter hops. The lingering finish is bittersweet.

Glenk Heller Bock

After some years being contract brewed by Stöckel in Hintergereuth, it appears Glenk has shifted to a closer contract brewer in neighbor Becher-Bräu. This Hellerbock is a fair example of the style with a rich golden hue and balanced richly malty palate.

Stöckel-Bräu Heller Bock

Stöckel-Bräu's Heller Bock is balanced richly malty brew with some grain and honey notes before the lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet finish.

Roppelt (Trossenfurt) Bockbier bottle

Roppelt Bockbier is richly malty with some caramel before the lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet finish.