Wiethaler Bockbier Hell

Wiethaler Bockbier Hell is a richly malty Bock at 6.4% with a slightly sticky finish.

Fürst Carl Josefi Bock

Fürst Carl Josefi Bock is the rare rich but dry dark Bock. The nose and palate are full of dried fruit the lingering finish has enough hops to dry it out with just a tinge of bitterness.

Mahrs Bräu Maibock

Mahrs Bräu Maibock is unfiltered golden Bock with floral hops in both the nose and palate. The lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet.

Lang Bräu Dunkler Bock

Lang Bräu Dunkler Bock is a potent rich roasty dark Doppelbock at 7.5% with fair hopping, making for a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Hönicka Bräu Wunsiedler Hönickator

Hönicka Bräu Wunsiedler Hönickator is a dangerous 7.4% Hellerbock with a rich malt palate and touch of honey. Fair underlying hops make for a lingering, semi-dry finish.

Hönicka Bräu Wunsiedler Doppelbock

Hönicka Bräu Wunsiedler Doppelbock is mahogany beauty with dried fruit in the nose and palate and a fairly dry finish for 7.4%.

Schübel Kellerbock

Schübel Kellerbock is an interesting unfiltered Bock with some Weizenbock elements but firm hopping showing as it warms.

Ebensfelder Heller Bock

Ebensfelder Heller Bock is a richly malty but well-balanced brew with ample hopping, making for a dry easy drinking Bock.

Ebensfelder Dunkler Bock

Ebensfelder Dunkler Bock is a rich contemplate brew full of cocoa and roast and is deceptively strong at 7.2%. It's one of my favorites of 2020.

Lang Bräu Bock

Lang Bräu Bock is a potent Hellerbock at 7.5% with fair hopping, making for a long, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.