Sometimes enjoying nature means having to become part of the food chain

Sonnen-Bräu is a great reason to make your way to Mürsbach but it´s not the only one. The pretty valley features pretty trails and lots of beery options.

You can’t tell the dorfs without a scorecard

The Dorf Breweries Express is an easy 9km hike in Franconia Switzerland which takes in five small regional breweries. Join Beer Hiking Bavaria author Rich Carbonara to find the best beers and foods along the way.

rocky outcropping, hill with church, dark beer, half-timbered house in reflection

The Walberla Undressed

The Walberla is a special hill in Franconian Switzerland. Just west of Forchheim, it offers great hiking opportunities and some fine small regional breweries surrounding it.

It takes a beer to laugh, it takes missing the bus to cry

If you are going to use the bus in Franconia, you need to follow these 10 essential rules to avoid missing yours.

There’s not much time for the Wolf

Rüdenhausen is a quirky but charming town with a great little brewery named Wolf. There are also some nice lush hiking trails nearby.

The Magic of the Walberla

The Walberlafest is perhaps Germany's oldest spring festival. Set high on a hill called the Walberla, it is certainly the most atmospheric.

Alt Vollbier Hell

Alt Vollbier Hell Brewery: Alt Dietzhof Town: Dietzhof Style: Vollbier Hell Color: golden Head: rocky Nose: slight malt Body: medium Palate: malty flavor, some grain, hops Finish: clean, bitter Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Though a nice session beer, I made the mistake of having it after the brewery's Vollbier Dunkel so a … Continue reading Alt Vollbier Hell

Alt Vollbier Dunkel

Alt Vollbier Dunkel Brewery: Alt Dietzhof Town: Dietzhof Style: Vollbier Dunkel Color: chestnut Head: off white, dense Nose: malty with a whiff of licorice Body: medium-bodied, low carbonation Palate: malty flavor, some roast and licorice notes Finish: long, dry, bitter Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: I'd had their beer at the Fränkisches Bierfest … Continue reading Alt Vollbier Dunkel

A Hard Beer’s Night (& Day)

The first tapping of the Christmas Bock at Zehendner turns out to be an adventure but the beer hike the next day saved the day.