Bayer (Zum Grünen Baum) Dampfbier

Bayer Dampfbier is an interesting mix of Weizen and Kellerbier with a fruity palate and semi-dry finish.

Schleicher Meistersud Rauchbier

Schleicher Meistersud Rauchbier is a lightly smoky session beer, perfect for a introductory smoke beer or for those looking for a quaffable brew with a lightly smoky touch.

Schleicher Storchen Pils

Schleicher Storchen Pils is more of Helles than a true Pils with a balanced malty palate featuring some grain and underlying hops.

Schleicher Kaltenbrunner Vollbier

Schleicher Kaltenbrunner Vollbier is a golden balanced if unspectacular Helles with a lingering finish.

Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier on tap

Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier is a great amber malt forward session beer with just enough underlying hops to make the finish semi-dry and moreish.

Rittmayer 1422 Festbier

Rittmayer 1422 Festbier is a commemorative deep golden Festbier with a richly malty palate and lingering finish.

Meinel-Bräu Absolvinator bottle

Meinel-Bräu Absolvinator is a richly malty Doppelbock with enough underlying hops to keep it from being cloying. No mean feat at 7.5%

Meinel-Bräu Blümla

Meinel-Bräu Blümla is an excellent Craft Beer Pale Ale with a marvelous citrusy nose and chiffon-like head. The lingering semi-dry finish is moreish.

Fischer (Wieseth) Das Pils bottle

Fischer Das Pils is an excellent example of the style with a balanced palate featuring hops and grain before a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Fischer (Wieseth) Das Helle bottle

Fischer Das Helle is a gorgeous beer with a balanced palate featuring more hops than most in the style. The semi-dry, semi-bitter finish is moreish.