Altbier. Yes, it’s most noted as THE beer of Düsseldorf and it’s extremely rare in Franconia but Brauerei Will in Schederndorf makes one and though I’ve never had it, their Landbier reminded me of an Alt. I have also had a bottled one called OSwALT from Kundmüller meant to be a one-off but now it appears to be a regular. Alt, as the name might forewarn, is an old form of beer as contrasted from what was once the “new” lager. It is one of the rare remaining ales (top-fermenting beers) in Germany. They are generally dark in color, about 5% and on the fruity/dry side. In Düsseldorf, it’s all you’ll get but don’t try ordering one in Franconia unless you know they have one.

unfiltered amber beer with big head in glass with bottle

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