Schederndorf is a quiet village in the northern portion of Franconian Switzerland so there is some nice hiking in the vicinity. Brauerei Will in understandably popular with those on foot and bike for its great beer and snacks.

Brauerei Will

schederndorf will exterior

Schederndorf 19
96187 Stadelhofen
Tel: 09504 262

Bad Staffelstein Station 20 km/Bamberg Station 27 km

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday to Sunday 11 to 11

Output: 3000 HL

Founded in 1742 and still very much a family enterprise, this small village brewery is noted for their tasty Landbier Dunkel.  One of the problems with being so noted is it was so high on my original list (which has grown considerably over time!), that I had my then girlfriend (now wife) drive me there on one of our earliest adventures. She waited in the car (aside from snapping my only photo of the visit) while I went in for a quick beer.  Though I’d been planning a return visit for what seems forever, I didn’t get truly focused on it until having their Landbier Dunkel at the Sandkerwa in Bamberg.

my first visit in 2002 & the brewery’s signature Landbier Dunkel

I finally made it back to Brauerei Will when doing some preliminary research for my book Beer Hiking Bavaria. It was another relatively quick stop but we did do a cursory walk on some of the trails close to the brewery and stopped in for a couple beers. My wife was driving again but did go in and found the place charming.

charming interior of Brauerei Will

We’d already eaten lunch so didn’t get a chance to eat. I didn’t get to have their Landbier Dunkel while there as they had their award winning Rauchbier on tap, as well as the seasonal Bock. Both were quite good and sometimes you have to make choices. I hope to return and stay in the village to explore the trails in more detail along with having a meal and the signature beer onsite.

award-winnng Rauchbier & seasonal Bockbier

I finally made it in summer to check out their lovely little Biergarten. I’d just had a big meal so didn’t get to enjoy their Brotzeit menu. I had their flagship Landbier Dunkel and also tried their Helles Sommerbier.

a Biergarten visit

Beers: Landbier Dunkel, Hefeweizen

Beer calendar:
Helles Sommerbier from May
Rauchbier from October
Bockbier from November
Altbier for special occasions

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