Schederndorfer Landbier Dunkel

amber beer in mug with coaster
Schederndofer Landbier Dunkel

Brewery: Brauerei Will
Color: light brown

Head: thinning

slight chocolate
medium, overly carbonated
balanced, a bit of chocolate, dry, fairly hoppy
Finish: long, dry

Served: on tap at the Sanderwa in Bamberg

Impression: I had a rather quick one of these at the brewery in 2002. My girlfriend was waiting patiently in the car so there wasn’t much time to dwell over it but remember it being great. It certainly wasn’t overly carbonated and was still served via gravity dispense if plastic barrel. These notes are from a much more recent tasting at the festival in Bamberg. It was a very generous but rushed pour with no room for a head. It was quite gassy and on the cold side. As it warmed up and the fizz died down a bit, the beer itself was quite nice. It’s a dry and easy to drink beer with just a hint of chocolate. I did return to the brewery a few months after the Sandkerwa but they had an award-winning Rauchbier and seasonal Bock on so didn’t get to resample the Landbier on that visit. I did, however, not see any gravity dispense barrel so can only assume everything is served via C02. That said, if poured properly, it wouldn’t have to be gassy. I hope to find out one day on a return visit.

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