Haberstumpf Hell

Haberstumpf Hell is a surprising unfiltered amber ale-like fruity brew with a lingering semi-dry finish. It's a touch thin on flavor but pleasant enough.

Penning Bockbier

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Bockbier is an quaffable treat from the small countryside brewery whose Vollbier is legendary. This Bock has a gorgeous amber hue and rich malty palate with hints of caramel. The lingering bittersweet finish makes it moreish at 6.5%.

Murmann Lager

Murmann Lager is an unfiltered golden brew with a lightly grainy nose and palate and a moreishly semi-dry finish.

Scheidmantel Pils

Scheidmantel Pils is from the defunct as of 2002 Coburg brewery of the same name. It's now brewed by Kulmbacher. It's certainly a decent example of the style and worth trying if you see it.

Murmann Kellerbier

Murmann Kellerbier is an ale-like fruity example of the style with moreishly semi-dry finish.

Penning Festbier

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Festbier is a richly malty treat with some burnt caramel and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Nürnberg Rotbier Roundup: What is the best Rotbier in Nuremberg?

Nuremberg was a noted beer town in the middle ages and Rotbier was king. It fell into disfavor when modern lagers took over but were revived in 1984 by the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof. Currently, there are five regularly brewed Rotbiers in town but which one is the best? Find out here.

Roppelt Weizen

Roppelt Weizen is a serviceable wheat beer with a fruity palate and semi-dry finish.

Penning Kräusen

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Kräusen is a refreshing unfiltered fruity later with floral hops in the nose and citrus hops in the semi-dry palate. The finish is a touch bitter for my tastes but this an interesting mix of traditional Franconia and the Craft Beer wave finally hitting here.

Penning unfiltered Vollbier

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Lagerbier is one of the top beers in Franconia and this is an unfiltered version with a fruity palate and lingering semi-dry finish. This might not fit neatly into any category but it's what makes Franconia special.