Zunft Trunk Dunkel on tap

Zunft Trunk Dunkel is a gorgeously dry Kellerbier which would be great to session on.

Grüner Naturtrüb

Grüner Naturtrüb is an unfiltered Kellerbier brewed by Tucher for the Grüner Brauhaus. It's fruity and hoppy with a clean, semi-dry finish.

Klosterbräu Kellerbier

Klosterbräu Kellerbier is a new addition to their line-up and a balanced if slightly bland one it is.

Hellmuth Eierberg Urstoff

Hellmuth Eierberg Urstoff is a dry fruity Kellerbier with a long bitter finish.

Lang Ufi

Lang Ufi is an unfiltered version of their popular Lager. It's semi-dry finish makes it a nice session beer.

Fürst Carl Kellerbier

Fürst Carl Kellerbier is reportedly an unfiltered version of the popular Schlossgold and shows why filtering is generally not a good thing.

Günther-Bräu Kellerbier

Günther Hausbrauer Vollbier is balanced session beer with fine hopping to make it moreish at 4.8%.

Kleebaum Bier

Kleebaum Kellerbier is contract brew for the defunct Bamberg Kleebaum brewery. It's a nice balanced session beer with Spalter hops in both the nose and palate.

Eckerts Kellerbier by Gänstaller

This Kellerbier is brewed for Eckerts by Gänstaller in Schnaid. It's a dry fruity brew with well-integrated grain and a dry semi-bitter finish.

Schübel Nordeck-Trunk

Schübel Drachenseidla is an excellent Kellerbier with a fine mix of grain and hops in the nose and a hoppy but not overly bitter palate. The finish is dry and bitter.