Brauhaus zum Sternla Kellerbier

Sternla Kellerbier is a balanced fruity beer perfect for summer with a lingering finish.

Greif Kellerbier

Greif Kellerbier is a balanced malty brew with enough dryness to make it perfect as a Bierkeller session beer.

Engel Kellerbier

Engel Kellerbier is a dry grainy example of the style with a lingering, dry, semi-bitter finish.

Distelhäuser Kellerbier

Distelhäuser Kellerbier is a top-fermented beer made with wheat malt, making for a fruity refresher.

Hofmühl Kellergold bottle

Hofmühl Kellergold is a nicely balanced Kellerbier with a grainy palate and a clean finish.

Zunft Trunk Dunkel on tap

Zunft Trunk Dunkel is a gorgeously dry Kellerbier which would be great to session on.

Klosterbräu Kellerbier

Klosterbräu Kellerbier is a new addition to their line-up and a balanced if slightly bland one it is.

Fürst Carl Kellerbier

Fürst Carl Kellerbier is reportedly an unfiltered version of the popular Schlossgold and shows why filtering is generally not a good thing.

Nikl-Bräu Michala @ Pretzfelder Keller

Nikl-Bräu Michala is an unfiltered dark Kellerbier with a hint of chocolate in the semi-dry palate. It's deceptive at 5.2%.

Schübel Nordeck-Trunk

Schübel Drachenseidla is an excellent Kellerbier with a fine mix of grain and hops in the nose and a hoppy but not overly bitter palate. The finish is dry and bitter.