Klosterbrauerei Bonator

Klosterbrauerei Bonator is a rich Dopplebock with dried fruit in both the nose and palate before a semi-dry bittersweet finish.

Heller Festmärzen

Hans Heller brews a gorgeous unfiltered richly malty Märzen with hints of caramel and a clean, bittersweet finish.

Geyer Pils

Brauereigasthof Geyer Pils is a nondescript example of the style with a dry grainy palate and clean semi-bitter finish.

Geyer Rotbier

Brauereigasthof Geyer Rotbier is a malty but dry session beer with a clean, finish.

Geyer Hausbier (Kellerbier)

Brauereigasthof Geyer Hausbier is a dry, hoppy Kellerbier with a clean semi-bitter finish. It's perfect for an afternoon at Geyers Felsenkeller.

Geyer Weizen

Brauereigasthof Geyer Weizen is a refreshing citrusy Weizen with lots of yeast in the mix and a clean finish.

Geyer Helles Landbier

Brauereigasthof Geyer Helles Landbier is a serviceable if somewhat nondescript beer with a clean enough finish if a somewhat bland palate.

Lindenbräu Weizen

Lindenbräu Weizen is a medal winning sourish Weizen with a very dry for the style clean finish.

Klosterbrauerei Thirsty Ale

The Klosterbrauerei Thirsty Ale is one of their Craft Beer offerings with both citrus and floral hops and a dry hoppy palate.

Klosterbrauerei Eucharius Pils

The Klosterbrauerei Eucharius Pils is a fine, dry German Pils with a clean finish.