Günther-Bräu Schwarzbier

Günther Bräu Schwarzbier is a balanced dark brew with a roasty nose and palate. The clean finish is just dry and bitter enough to make it moreish at 5.2%.

Becher-Bräu Jean Paul

Brewed to commemorate Bayreuth writer Jean Paul, this dark lager most closely resembles a Schwarzbier with its roasty palate and near black appearance.

Roth Schwarzbier

Roth Schwarzbier is a gorgeous looking example of the style with a dry malty/roasty palate and clean, dry, semi-bitter finish.

Spessart Räuberchen Dunkel on tap

Spessart Specht Räuberchen Dunkel is a cross between a Schwarzbier and Czech Tmavy, with some light roast in the dryish palate and a lingering bittersweet finish.

Lippert Schlotfeger

Lippert Schlotfeger is the brewery's latest creation: a dry roasty Schwarzbier with a lingering semi-dry finish.

Zum Löwenbräu Schwarzer Löwe

Zum Löwenbräu Schwarzer Löwe is a good example of the roasty style with a semi-dry finish.

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Das Schwarze

Haubrauerei Altstadt's Das Schwarze is a textbook Schwarzbier with a roasty nose and palate featuring a hint of coffee before the lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet finish.

Hummel Cowboy Schwarzbier

Hummel Cowboy Schwarzbier isn't typical of the style but it's a tasty enough dark beer worth trying if you don't confine it to a mold.


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