Lippert Schlotfeger

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Lippert Schlotfeger

Brewery: Braumanufaktur Lippert
Seubelsdorf (Lichtenfels)
Style: Schwarzbier

Color: unfiltered dark mahogany

Head: off-white
, creamy
Nose: roasty

Body: medium

balanced, roasty, dry
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: A couple at Brauerei Trunk mentioned that Lippert had a new beer and a Schwarzbier at that so we made our way down on foot despite their offering us a ride. It was the last leg of a long hiking tour which took us from Metzgerbräu in Uetzing, over the Staffelberg to Vierzehnheiligen and finally here. It was  a bit too cold and fizzy but still a nice dryish roasty brew with a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

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