Griess Bockbier from gravity dispense

Griess Bockbier is one of Franconia's best with a balanced palate featuring floral hops and fruity malt. The lingering semi-dry, semi-bitter finish is moreish. This version from gravity dispense at Der Pelikan Best of Bock was even drier.

Penning Bockbier

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Bockbier is an quaffable treat from the small countryside brewery whose Vollbier is legendary. This Bock has a gorgeous amber hue and rich malty palate with hints of caramel. The lingering bittersweet finish makes it moreish at 6.5%.

Roppelt (Trossenfurt) Festmärzen bottle

Roppelt Festmärzen is dry and fruity for the style and also has a kiss of smoke before the lingering semi-dry finish.

Roppelt (Trossenfurt) Gold Pils

Roppelt Pils is a dry hoppy example of the style with a clean, dry, bitter finish.

Sauer Frühlings Märzen

Sauer Frühlings Märzen is a dry-hopped spring special featuring a dry fruity palate and clean semi-dry finish.

Lippert Schlotfeger

Lippert Schlotfeger is the brewery's latest creation: a dry roasty Schwarzbier with a lingering semi-dry finish.

Penning Festbier

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Festbier is a richly malty treat with some burnt caramel and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Sauer Sommerbier on tap at Eckerts in Bamberg

Sauer Sommerbier is a refreshing low alcohol beer, perfect for a summer day at 3.5%.

Penning Kräusen

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Kräusen is a refreshing unfiltered fruity later with floral hops in the nose and citrus hops in the semi-dry palate. The finish is a touch bitter for my tastes but this an interesting mix of traditional Franconia and the Craft Beer wave finally hitting here.

Penning unfiltered Vollbier

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Lagerbier is one of the top beers in Franconia and this is an unfiltered version with a fruity palate and lingering semi-dry finish. This might not fit neatly into any category but it's what makes Franconia special.