Forst-Quell Kupfer is perhaps the brewery's most interesting beer and a fine Rotbier with some milk chocolate in both the nose and palate. It retains the brewery's signature dryness with a clean, semi-dry. bittersweet finish that just says more.


Forstquell-Gold is a refreshingly dry fruity unfiltered Helles with a clean, semi-dry semi-bitter finish that just says more.

Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 14 Schlenkerla Märzen vs Eiche

Schlenkerla is the most renowned of Rauchbier/Smoke beer breweries. They have a great line-up of seasonal beers and in this comparison, we look at their flagship Märzen and the Advent seasonal Doppelbock Eiche .

Seelmann Heimatbier Hell

Brauerei Seelmann was closed for some time and their old pub is still only available for events but they do bottle beer and this Helles is a fine one if you can get your hands on a bottle.

Ulrich Martin Rauch Märzen

Ulrich Martin is a traditional brewery lovingly restored by the man himself. The Rauch Märzen is a lightly smoky beer tinged with some bacon and a very dry finish, making it moreish.

Elch-Bräu 1.21 Gigawatt Doppelbock Dunkel

Elch-Bräu 1.21 Gigwatt is potent 8€ Dunkler Doppelbock with some coffee and dark chocolate notes. It's a bit thin for the style and more reminiscent of a Baltic Porter.

Elch-Bräu Keller Pils

Elch-Bräu Keller Pils is an dry citrusy hoppy beer with a clean, dry, bitter finish.

Weiherer Zwickerla Dunkel

Weiherer is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. Their Zwickerla Dunkel dry fruity beer with a lingering bitter finish.

Brauerei Mager Ur-Hell

Brauerei Mager Ur-Hell is a surprisingly good Helles with a malty plate featuring a nice grain element and ample hopping for the style, making for a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Penning Kräusen

Penning Hetzelsdorfer Kräusen is a refreshing unfiltered fruity later with floral hops in the nose and citrus hops in the semi-dry palate. The finish is a touch bitter for my tastes but this an interesting mix of traditional Franconia and the Craft Beer wave finally hitting here.