Felsenbräu Felsentrunk

Felsenbräu Felsentrunk is a balanced Helles with fair hopping to offset its grainy malt profile. The clean finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter, making it moreish.

Gundel Urhell

Gundel Urhell is a dry fruity Hells with fair Spalter hopping and a lingering, semi-dry, bitter finish.

Wiethaler Lager Hell

Wiethaler Lager Hell is nicely balanced grainy Helles with enough Spalter/Herbruck hops to make it interesting.

Wettelsheimer Hell

Wettelsheimer Hell is a lovely balanced Helles with malty/grainy palate and a lingering, semi-dry finish.

Spalter Vollbier Hell

Spalter Vollbier Hell is a balanced session beer with the area's signature hop in both the nose and palate.

Fürst Carl Urhell

Fürst Carl Urhell fine mix of grain and hops with a clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Mühlenbräu Hell

Mühlendbräu Hell is only served at their Bierkeller in summer and is a perfectly balanced session beer with a moreish finish.

Ammerndorfer Hell

Ammerndorfer Hell is a balanced brew with initial bitterness which fades into moreish maltiness.

Göller Lager Hell

Göller Lager is lightly grainy hoppy session beer with a clean semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.