Mühlenbräu Hell

Mühlendbräu Hell is only served at their Bierkeller in summer and is a perfectly balanced session beer with a moreish finish.

Ammerndorfer Hell

Ammerndorfer Hell is a balanced brew with initial bitterness which fades into moreish maltiness.

Göller Lager Hell

Göller Lager is lightly grainy hoppy session beer with a clean semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Drei Kronen Die Helle Lotta

Drei Kronen Die Helle Lotta is a balanced Helles with some grain in the plate and more hops than most, making for a clean, semi-bitter finish.

Brauhaus Höchstadt Helles

Brauhaus Hochstadt an der Aisch Helles is a balanced session beer with a hoppy palate and semi-dry bitter finish

Lang Bräu Schönbrunner Hell

Lang Bräu Schönbrunner Hell is a balanced easy drinking beer with a fine dry, hoppy palate and clean slightly bitter finish.


Bamberg and Franconian beer styles explained in simple terms which are listed alphabetically.