All aboard the Hallerndorfer-Keller Express

The Hallerndorfer-Keller Express is a great way to reach Bierkeller Nirvana but hiking in is even better and you can escape with the bus when you're ready.

Drei Kronen (Scheßlitz) Schääzer Kronabier

Drei Kronen's Kronabier is a nice dry fruity quaffer with a clean finish.

Höhn Görchla

Höhn's Görchla is a serviceable Kellerbier with some grain in the nose and palate. Its soft mouthfeel and subtle hopping make easy drinking.

Alt Vollbier Hell

Alt Vollbier Hell Brewery: Alt Dietzhof Town: Dietzhof Style: Vollbier Hell Color: golden Head: rocky Nose: slight malt Body: medium Palate: malty flavor, some grain, hops Finish: clean, bitter Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Though a nice session beer, I made the mistake of having it after the brewery's Vollbier Dunkel so a … Continue reading Alt Vollbier Hell

Alt Vollbier Dunkel

Alt Vollbier Dunkel Brewery: Alt Dietzhof Town: Dietzhof Style: Vollbier Dunkel Color: chestnut Head: off white, dense Nose: malty with a whiff of licorice Body: medium-bodied, low carbonation Palate: malty flavor, some roast and licorice notes Finish: long, dry, bitter Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: I'd had their beer at the Fränkisches Bierfest … Continue reading Alt Vollbier Dunkel

Metzgerbräu Lagerbier

Metzgerbräu's Lagerbier is a dry fruity treat with a rounded soft palate and long dry bitter finish.

Brauerei Ott Bock

Ott Bock is a fine example of a Hellerbock with a rich malty palate and long dryish bitter finish.

Göller Weizenbock

Göller Weizenbock is a fine example of the style with a nice honey banana element to both its aroma and flavor.

Göller Dunkles Bockbier

Göller Dunkles Bockbier Brewery: Göller Town: Zeil am Main Style: Dopplebock Color: deep amber Head: massive, rocky Nose: malty, burnt caramel Body: full-bodied, low carbonation Palate: rich malt, slight roastiness, burnt caramel Finish: clean, slightly dry and bittersweet Served: from a bottle bought locally Impression: I wasn't sure what to expect from Göller before going … Continue reading Göller Dunkles Bockbier

Adler-Bräu Hellerbock

Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Hellerbock is a classic example of the style. Rich and malty with ample hopping, making for a dryish finish.