Kaiserhof Pilsner on tap

Kaiserhof Premium Pilsner is their flagship, a golden Pils with a balanced palate featuring both grain and hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Kaiserhöfer Schmäußbräu on tap

Kaiserhof Schmäußbräu is is a special beer brewed for a St. George's Day Festival. A dark malty brew with a fairly low alcohol content of 4.5%, it seems a lighter version of the Schwedentrunk.

St. Georgen-Bräu Landbier

St. Georgen-Bräu Landbier is a classic Franconian Lager with a deep amber hue, rich malty nose and palate tinged with roast and Spalter hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Häffner-Bräu Schwarzberger Gold

Häffner-Bräu Schwarzberger Gold is a balanced session Dunkel in the Altfränkisch mold with some roast in the malty palate along with Hallertau hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet

Schwarzer Adler Hausbier

Schwarzer Adler Hausbier is contract brewed for the former brewery Inn by Friedmann's in Gräfenberg. It is in the old Franconian lager style with a malty palate and lingering semi-dry finish.

Ammerndorfer Lager Urtyp

Ammerndorfer Lager Urtyp is the brewery's old Franconian beer, a nod to beers from yore. It's a malty brew with a lingering finish.