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The 2nd Annual Looking for Mr. Good Beers & Breweries Top 5 Awards 2023

Check out the Top 5 Beer experiences of 2023 and make plans to enjoy your beer dreams in 2024!

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Comet IPA

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer is a triple hopped double IPA (Comet, Taurus, Saphir) with a lovely black currant element to complement the citrus hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry. It’s a dangerously drinkable 6.8%, IPA.

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Incredible Pale Ale

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Incredible Pale Ale is a quadruple hopped IPA (Sauvin, Taurus, Cascade, Saphir) and their signature Incredible Pale This one is very juicy with a lovely citrusy palate. The lingering finish is dry and bitter but not overly so.

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Citra Ale

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Citra Ale is a single hop Ale in the piney/grapefruit mold of US IPAs. It's well made but nothing overly special though it's priced a lot better than its overseas competitors.

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Monroe 2.0

Häffner-Bräu/Hopfenstopfer Monroe 2.0 is brewed with Monroe hops and is a relatively low 20 IBUs but it’s fairly dry nonetheless. There’s a nice citrusy element to the balanced palate and the lingering finish is semi-dry with just a touch of bitterness. It’s ale like but has the definite smoothness of a lager too.

Häffner-Bräu Schwarzberger Gold

Häffner-Bräu Schwarzberger Gold is a balanced session Dunkel in the Altfränkisch mold with some roast in the malty palate along with Hallertau hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet

Häffner-Bräu Kur Pils

Häffner-Bräu Kur Pils is a serviceable nice fairly dry Pils with a clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Häffner-Bräu Export

Häffner-Bräu Export is malty with a touch of butter and a lingering, sticky finish.

Häffner-Bräu Raban Kellertrüb

Häffner-Bräu Raban Kellertrüb is a malt forward Kellerbier with a grainy palate and lingering, semi-dry finish.

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen is a yeasty, tart weizen a little thin on flavor but no unpleasant.