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The 2nd Annual Looking for Mr. Good Beers & Breweries Top 5 Awards 2023

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The Main Thing about Unterfranken

The Main River is not only the longest contained in river in Germany so perhaps unsurprisingly important in the brewing world as a source of water and transportation. There are many in Franconia, where the it originates and a particularly scenic stretch is in Lower Franconia. Three towns to seek out for beer on this route are Marktheidenfeld (Martinsbräu), Wertheim (Spessart) and Lohr am Main (Keiler Brauhaus).

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A Salty Patch on the Unterfranken Express

Lower Franconia is a lovely bucolic area dotted with small hamlets and a surprising number of regional breweries not to be missed by the intrepid beerwanderer. This details a road trip to Strecks Brauhaus in Ostheim, Rother-Bräu in Roth, Pax-Bräu in Oberelsbach and the Wittelsbacker Turm Bräu at its namesake tower.

Rother-Bräu Export

Rother-Bräu Export is a balanced malty example of the style. The underlying hops dry it out just enough in the lingering finish.

Rother-Bräu Öko Urtrunk

Rother-Bräu Öko Urtrunk is an excellent Kellerbier which manages a sublime dryness and low bitterness. It's another winning organic beer from the Lower Franconian brewing legend.

Rother-Bräu Öko Ur-Weizen

Rother-Bräu Öko Ur-Weizen is a dry fruity example of the style with a refreshing palate and lingering semi-dry finish.

Rother-Bräu Kloster Urstoff

Rother-Bräu Kloster Urstoff is a balanced good example of a Märzen with a richly malty palate and lingering semi-dry finish. Once brewed by the Klosterbrauerei in Münnerstadt, it is now the product of Rother-Bräu who bought it up.

Rother-Bräu Pils

Rother-Bräu Pils is a balanced and true to form example of the style. The lingering semi-dry finish is has just the right amount of bitterness to make it moreish.

Rother-Bräu Helles

Rother-Bräu Helles is a balanced and a hoppier example of the style than most. The lingering semi-dry finish is has just the right amount of bitterness to make it moreish.