Sauer Pils

Sauer Kellerbier is a great dry fruity session beer best enjoyed at their Felsenkeller in summer.

Gampertbräu Förster Pils

Gampert-Bräu Förster Pils is a fair, semi-dry, somewhat hoppy Pils.

Zum Löwenbräu 1747 Original Helles

Zum Löwenbräu Original Helles is a fine golden Kellerbier with a great dry, semi-bitter finish.

Klosterbrauerei Eucharius Pils

The Klosterbrauerei Eucharius Pils is a fine, dry German Pils with a clean finish.

Düll Pils

Düll Pils is a dry Pils with a clean bitter finish and is one of Franconia's best.

Kauzen-Bräu Premium Pils

Kauzen-Bräu Preimium Pils is a serviceable if somewhat generic Pils.

Ochsener Schwarzbier

Ochsener Schwarzbier is a rather bland but serviceable dark beer and still a good choice with roasts.

Ochsener Premium Pils

Ochsener Preimium Pils is a dry fruity Pils with a clean, semi-bitter finish.


Bamberg and Franconian beer styles explained in simple terms which are listed alphabetically.